Catherine Griffin is a print and digital journalist based in New York City.  In May 2012 she graduated Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism where she earned a Master of Science degree in journalism.  During her stint at Columbia, she refined her multimedia skills and covered topics that ranged from the treatment of New York City carriage horses to zombie LARP.  Prior to Columbia, she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree at Sarah Lawrence College where she studied environmental sciences and journalism.

Her writings have been featured in multiple publications.  Her print work has appeared in The Buzz Magazines, Audubon Magazine and The Phoenix, Sarah Lawrence College’s newspaper.  Her online work can be found at Audubon Magazine’s blog, The Perch, as well as on The Midtown Gazette.

In addition to her writing, Catherine has included multimedia work with her stories whenever possible.  She places special emphasis on photography, but has also trained in sound recording and video.  A social media enthusiast, she believes that there will always be a market for stories, no matter what the medium.

In her spare time, Catherine enjoys scuba diving, hiking, hunting and exploring the outdoors.  A self-proclaimed nerd and video game addict, she also likes reading fantasy novels and playing zombie shooter games. In addition, she enjoys writing short stories which she features on this blog! All material is property of Catherine Griffin.


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