The Grave


What you notice first is darkness. It swirls around you—living, breathing with no shape or form. It’s all-encompassing, suffocating, choking. It grabs you by the throat, pulling you down, trying to strangle you. Fear darts through you–the type of fear that stops your heart and rushes to your head. The type of fear that causes you to sway as your vision fades and as you realize you can no longer move. That’s when you realize you’re screaming—screaming without a voice, screaming without a sound.

Then there’s pain. It lances through you like fire, burning you to your very core. It swallows you whole as it bursts from inside of you, tearing through your flesh, ripping through your insides. It pierces your mind, needling in between the cracks until there’s nothing left but the darkness—the ever present darkness.

And beyond the pain, beyond the darkness, there are the voices. They call to you, screaming, crying, wailing. They laugh and sing, the burble of a child’s voice mingles with a woman’s gentle croon. A man’s harsh yell sounds out over a boyish call. A girl giggles, a man chuckles, a woman shrieks, a boy groans. Then it all crashes inward, the people, the voices—they join the darkness as they rip at you. Rage boils to the surface as your own silent screams mingle with theirs.

You realize they’re inside you.

The tide washes over you, pulling you into its depths. Mind numbing fear, endless confusion, soul rending hate and pain and suffering and fury. It lashes through you like a storm, pelting you with shards of anguish and dismay. You realize you’re crying without eyes, tears that never existed becoming part of the sea of emotion. Yet as the roar of it all crashes into you, rips into you, tears into you—you feel it. It’s the one thing you can’t ignore—the worst of it.

You feel Hunger.


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